Kelby's "Under the Sea/Mermaid" Birthday Party

I am a little late - ok, REALLY late with posting this... almost a year late!  As I am sitting here thinking and pinning away for my baby's 3rd Birthday Theme ideas, I started gathering inspiration from her epic 2nd birthday! 

The theme was "Under the Sea/Mermaids" - a theme event I have been dying to plan for longer than I am prepared to admit.  

Kelby personally Quality Checking her own Invitation Suite 

I have been obsessed with Mermaids and pretty much anything Ocean related ever since I could remember.  So naturally, I wanted to throw her a Mermaid party before she was old enough to have a say in what her theme will be! 

I have always loved planning big events in order to bring everyone together.  I am almost embarrassed to say, but I usually spend at-least 6 months planning ahead obsessing over every detail.  As stressful as event planning is, I absolutely love it!

For the Invitation Suite I decided on a 3-piece suite including the Formal Invitation, Mermaid Advice Card and RSVP Card wrapped in a die cut Teal Pocket.  Yes, a little elaborate for a 2 year old's birthday party, but when you can do it yourself, it's easy to go over the top! 

The main colors for the party were Watermelon, Metallic Aquamarine and Metallic Lagoon.  All colors you can find right in the shop under the "Paper Color Chart" for any Invitation Suite Envelope and Pocket combo. 

I also try and be as unique as possible.  Not only with the theme itself but with every detail throughout the event.  

Insert Cards Read: 

Advice from a Mermaid

"Beauty Comes From Within

Live So Deeply

Sea Treasure In Simple Things

Share Life’s Joyful Song

Be The Calm In The Storm

Take Time To Shellebrate

Play On The Waves

Have No Fear Of Depths

Believe in Magic"

I loved the Quote so much I used it in other parts of the stationary like these handheld paper fans (party was in July so they were definitely a hit!). 

Mermaid Advice Cards and Matching Envelope Stamps

Let's Talk Florals!  

Yes, even the real life florals matched the Stationary.  And because it's me..  I did all the arrangements myself! 

Fun right?! I seem to think so haha

My attempt at creating a seaweed / coral feel. 

One thing that turned out better than I even expected were the kids gift bags! Working with Destination Brides for so many years gave me the idea of creating miniature tote bags (they're SOO cute!) for all the kids to take home.  

Each tote bag included a small Bubble Wand, Plush Sealife Animal, Sticker Set and Stamp.

Keeping with the theme, I added the small favor tags that Reads: "Be a Mermaid and Make Some Waves" and "Shalalalalala My Oh My! Thank You for Swimming By"

On top of the small bubble wands in the gift bags, I also gave out large bubble wands for the kids to play with at the party.  

It seems like the details that I end up over thinking and obsessing over the most are what makes the party so unique.  I had a variety of entree and snack choices that fit the theme perfectly!

Minor forgetful moment on my part - The Crabwiches were suppose to have little craft eyes on toothpicks but pretty sure nobody noticed they were missing. 

Kelby's favorite snack: Mango and Strawberry Salad 

Caviar: Blueberries and Greek Yogurt 

One tradition I wanted to pass down to her was Ice Cream Cake!  I absolutely HATE regular cake (yes I said that), so growing up I always had an ice cream cake for my birthdays, and I wanted to do the same for her.  This year was a Salted Sea Caramel / Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato cake topped with Gram Cracker dust and of course - more florals! 

Main Party Table 

Well I hope you liked reading about the details of the party and hope to top it this year! Once I decide on the theme that is!

I'll leave you with a few party pics and feel free to contact me with any questions on your custom theme! ♥ Amy 

 ♥ Kelby Rylen, 2 Years Old


Jose Ramirez

I printed some invitations by your design. Katie Holtz, and I noticed a quality ive not seen before. So I did some checking. Found the email, saw your site, and wow! You are amazing. I’ve been printing for 27 years. I’ve printed for the best of the best. My printing amazing. It’s amazing if the design and paper go together. You are one heck of designer. Yes, a bit obsessed as you say. I too love my printing and making clients smile. That is my goal, and I too don’t settle for less. You have a beautiful family. Take care.



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