Is Wedding Stationery Really That Important?

The short answer is, YES! 

Invitations are your first opportunity to provide your guests with their first impression of what to expect on your special day! The invitation to anything, especially a wedding, should exude the theme of the event to come.

I am sure you have heard the rumor, “I don’t want to spend a lot on invitations because people just throw them away.” I agree, people will throw out generic invitations that glaringly show that the bride and groom don’t even care about.

Imagine receiving an invitation suite beautifully designed on the finest paper stock, placed in a colored metallic pocket bound with a wax seal and silk tie.  Your guests would know to dress their finest and expect nothing but the best at the event to come.  Your Invitations set the tone and should be carried throughout your entire day of suite. 

Your Wedding Invitations become keepsakes for both you and your family.  Weddings are especially important for your parents and grandparents, and likely your close friends and family will cherish them for years to come. 

Your Wedding Invitations reflect you and your fiancé as a couple. Going the DIY route rarely works out well for a couple trying to go the cheapest route.  Working with a professional designer that gets to know your personal style and craft a design that is unique to you, carries a new level of essence.

Have you ever noticed when someone sends a handwritten note how great it feels?  It’s those little courtesies that seem distance in this modern world, yet make all the difference.  A Wedding Invitation carries the same value.

I hope to inspire you to connect with your guests in a more meaningful and memorable way; keeping your Invitations out of the trash and into the memory books!

What Marielle had to say: 

"I searched on probably every invitation website possible for “The One” without breaking the bank. Finally, after seeing all the Amy post on Facebook I decided to give her a try because I also got very overwhelmed with all the options online and didn't feel like at that point in wedding planning I even had the time to really think. I’m not sure if Amy ever sleeps lol she responds ALWAYS!! I gave Amy a color scheme, a few adjectives, and she delivered! a few edits had to be made to the monogram but once I told her what I didn't like about it she nailed it!"

The Difference: I truly believe that taking the time to invest in the relationship, not only builds the trust for the Bride, but for me as the Designer as well.  During the design brief process, we discuss all of the details for the project including theme, color scheme, samples, font choices, and overall look and style that we want to achieve.  My goal as your Designer is to make the customer experience as strong as possible.  ♥ Amy 


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