Bridal Party Names, Tumbler Vinyl Decal // DIGITAL

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Perfect way to add in a personalized touch that your guests will love!  Use these decals on Tumblers for your Destination Wedding, that make great keepsakes for years to come.

 Choose from Gold or Rose Gold Metallic Vinyl! 

Height Size Options: 1.5” or 2" (custom sizes available upon request)

Measuring HEIGHT- The "baseline" of a name is the line a name is formed on. Some names have letters that drop below the "baseline" such as Ashley with the "y". These letters (f, g, j, p, q, y) that drop below the baseline are included in the measurement of the name. Therefore, the name Ashley will be measured from the bottom of the 'y' to the top of the A where as Anna would only be calculated from the baseline to the specified height as Anna does not have any letter that drops below the "baseline". 

• • • Choose from Gold or Rose Gold Metallic Vinyl • • •
Decals will be printed on our Premium Quality Vinyl.  Design Fee as listed + Printing Fee.  Please contact me directly for a quote.

When checking out, in the “notes”, please provide all of the Names you’d like for the design.  If applicable, please include maximum length. 

Custom Orders Welcome!

** Easily applied to any smooth surface. Vinyl decals DO NOT adhere to soft porous surfaces. Please remember that decals are removable but not reusable.  The decals are water resistant but not dishwasher safe. 

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